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AM 16-32B 16- or 32-Channel Relay Multiplexer

The AM16/32B multiplexer significantly increases the number of sensors that you can measure with a Campbell Scientific data logger. It interfaces with the data logger and adds terminals so that you can wire additional sensors of almost any type.

Detailed Description

Depending on sensor type, the AM16/32B can multiplex 16, 32, or 48 sensors. Up to six AM16/32Bs may be connected to the same data logger, depending on the number of control ports and analog inputs available. The AM16/32B either multiplexes 16 groups of four lines (a total of 64 lines) through four common (COM) terminals. Alternatively, a manual switch setting allows the AM16/32B to multiplex 32 groups of two lines (also a total of 64 lines) through two COM terminals. A cable connects the common terminals to data logger analog inputs, excitation channels, or ground as required by the sensor. The data logger controls the multiplexer using two control ports, or one control port and one excitation channel.